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Deliver reports directly to the clinician’s printer on sign out.

Print reports in full color.

Better than faxing:

No per-page-fee for printing reports and no busy signals.

With WebPathLab’s remote print module, reports are delivered to a color printer at your customer’s location via a secured connection. Unlike the auto fax, there is no fee per page.


How it Works

  • The remote print module is installed on the LIS system and an email application is added by WebPathLab to a computer at your customer’s facility.
  • A username corresponding to the referring physician is created on the email application, located at your customer’s facility provided by WebPathLab, that will securely receive pathology reports assigned specifically to that user.
  • When the pathologist signs out a case, the report is automatically securely email to a Webpathlab email address assigned to that specific referring physician.
  • The email application will automatically download the report and send it to their local printer. Once it has been printed the report is auto deleted from the local computer.

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  • Anatomic Pathology
  • GYN Cytology
  • HL7 Engine
  • Management Reports
  • Auto Image Uploader
  • Remote Print
  • GU Auto Organ Map
  • Specimen Tracking
  • TC/PC
  • Molecular

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Phone: 916.542.1368

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Email: info@webpathlab.com

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