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WebPathLab’s new GYN-Cytology module is Bethesda system compliant.  With its new Rapid Results Code it increases the efficiency of the cyto-technologist.


Rapid Results

In order to speed up the process for routine screening, WebPathLab provides a rapid results capability where the user selects one value and the system will auto-populate all the pertinent fields in one click.  Cases can be selected for QC and assigned to pathologist for further review.

Our Bethesda-compliant cytology module now has a Rapid Results Code system to cut down on number of mouse clicks and help make cyto-technologists more efficient.


Rapid Results Code

Speed up the routine screening process with our Rapid Codes. By selecting a single code, you can fill all necessary fields at once with the data linked to that code. Cases can also be selected for QC at this stage and assigned to a pathologist for further review. See below for details.

Available Rapid Code Categories

  • Specimen Adequacy – SA
  • General Category – GC
  • Pathogens – PA
  • Reactive/Reparative – RR
  • Squamous Cell – SQ
  • Glandular Cell – GA
  • Diagnostic Code – DX
  • Quality Control Codes – QC
  • Comments – CO
  • Chlamydia Codes – HPV – GC
  • Recommendations – RC

Rapid Results Example

In the example below, one mnemonic automatically fills out 9 diagnostic codes. The code mnemonics are entered and managed by the user in the dictionary database.

For mnemonic Neg12, the following fields are populated:

  • SA = Satisfactory – T-Zone present
  • GC = WNL – Negative for Atypia or CA
  • PA = Candida
  • RR = Inflammation – Typical Repair
  • RC = Endocervical Cells in patient age 40 or older
  • DX = WNL/BCC

Molecular Testing

The GYN module generates labels that can be read directly by molecular testing equipment. It can also interface with molecular testing equipment (such as Hologic’s Panther system) via an ASTM interface. This allows it to automatically place orders and receive results that can be incorporated into the pathology report.

The HL7 Engine is required for this interface.

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