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Capture the time and location of every specimen, cassette, and slide.

Track from specimen pick up at the referring clinician’s location (hospital or clinic) to sign out of the pathology report.

Additional Features:

  • Record time and location at every stage of the accession, grossing, histology, and pathology review processes.
  • Process time evaluations at every station and in between.
  • Automatically open the correct case on the WebPathLab system by scanning the barcode on the slide, cassette, or requisition.
  • Significantly reduce human error.

Typical Specimen Tracking Process

Below is a flowchart displaying how specimen tracking is used by some of our customers.  This is just an example to show you our capabilities. The module itself is highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific business rules or requirements. Ask us how!




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  • Specimen Tracking
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Phone: 916.542.1368

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Email: info@webpathlab.com

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