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Reduce your operational cost, increase your efficiency and decrease report delivery time.

Our Modular approach and Pay-per-Report fee allows you to better control your costs as you grow, and our unique innovative solution will keep you ahead of the competition.

Request a Demo and a TEST DRIVE

Request a Demo and a TEST DRIVE to fully evaluate our solution


After the quick demo, which also serves as a short training session, you will have access to our demo site for an extended period of time so you can fully evaluate our capabilities. We only ask that you contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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Improve your competitive edge with a high value, high efficiency solution

WebPathLab is a 100% web-based comprehensive laboratory information system (LIS) solution for anatomic pathology, GYN Cytology, molecular diagnostics, and genomics accessible from any location with internet access with proper authentication. WebPathLab is designed as a fully scalable modular solution; no need to purchase expensive servers, set up complicated networks to access the LIS, or maintain an IT staff. We do it all for you!

Modular Solution

Choose the configuration that best suits your lab’s specific needs, and only pay for the modules that you use. Add modules seamlessly as your business grows. Learn more.

Quick Installation

Configurable to your business rules, WebPathLab could be installed in about 2 weeks. Learn more.

Custom Development

Stay competitive with custom development. We are here to help increase your efficiency and report output. If there is something you want that we do not currently offer, just ask. Learn more.

Excellent Tech Support

We are your IT team and we have a very responsive tech support team  to insure your work is not interrupted. Learn more

Pay per Report

Pay a small fee per report allowing you to maximize your cash flow as you grow. No fee for unlimited ancillary users. Learn more


Servers at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to keep your data secure, lightning fast to access, and HIPAA compliant.


Scalable with your Business

Add more modules, and capabilities seamlessly as your business grows. All without any downtime for the upgrade.

Universal Access

Access the LIS and the Online Report Viewer, from any internet capable location. It gives the user considerable flexiblity and improves efficieny. Learn more.


Configure to your business rules

The system is configured to your unique business including your slide label formats, information on cassette printer, management reports, etc. The Pathology report is customized, not just configured, to your specific format requirements.


Stay Competitive with Free Updates

We make sure your system is always up-to-date with the latest technology and you never pay for that. We want you to always stay competitive


Interface with any HL7 capable software

Using our HL7 search Engine, we can build unlimited interfaces to any HL7 capable system and ASTM capable devices such as PANTHER from Hologic

Request a Demo and a TEST DRIVE to fully evaluate our solution


After the quick demo, which also serves as a short training session, you will have access to our demo site for an extended period of time so you can fully evaluate our capabilities. We only ask that you contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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Featured Videos

Featured video

Dual View Signout

See how easy is to review and sign out reports using WebPathLab’s Dual View page. Immediately upon sign out, the reports are auto faxed, auto printed at the clinician’s office, sent via HL7 interface and available in our online Report Viewer which is accessible with any internet capable PC, Mac or tablet.


Read what some of our customers have to say about how WebPathLab has helped them grow their business.

Because of WebPathLab, we changed our internal business rules to take advantage of the efficiencies due to the system’s features. Our turn-around-time for reports have improved consistently since the system allows for more efficient data input allowing us to generate reports more quickly and get them back to the referring facility in a more timely manner via their online report viewer and their HL7 interface. We use Webpathlab’s Management Module to help track timeliness and case volume as well, and it lets us see where we can continue to improve our own processes to increase our lab’s efficiency.

Ranjana Mathur, MD

Medical Director, Peconic Pathology Associates, River City, NY

We are very happy with the freedom and opportunity that Webpathlab has given us to grow our business. The automation of certain tasks saves us a lot of time, which allows us to focus on better patient care and increasing our intake volume. Our lab has been able to sign out significantly more cases through Webpathlab than before, and we can access our cases from outside the lab whenever it is needed. The technical support is also very responsive as well.

Sophie Ghafari

President, Pathkare FNA Clinic, Santa Ana, CA

WebPathLab is a feature rich system that allows us to service multiple customers throughout the US. Their Auto image Uploader saves our team hours of work by automatically scanning and uploading requisitions to their servers and attaching them to the corresponding case. When I have an issue, they respond almost immediately. Even though they have a very nice system to submit tickets, they will personally contact you to better understand the issue and they will resolve it as soon as possible. I would certainly recommend their solution to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Tammy Schwalb

President, JIT Labs, Irvine, CA

The automation and streamline processes within WebPathLab has helped us in providing rapid turn-around-reports to our customers and helped us grow our business. At Gala we perform GYN-Cytology, Molecular testing, Histology testing, Stool testing, Gastroenterology, Genitourinary, and general pathology and WebpathLab’s efficiency and ease of use has helped us in providing excellence in service to our clients. Their service team is always responsive and they value us as customers. They are always improving the system to keep us always above the rest.

Katie Jervis, DrPH, CT(ASCP)

Director of Laboratory Services, GALA Laboratories, Houston TX

Having several locations both for the technical work and the professional work, WebPathLab has been an excellent choice as each location can access the system easily and securely. It also restricts access of the data to each respective location however, as the medical director I can access all data for all locations with no problem. The system is also intuitive and easy to use and their technical support is excellent. I have recommended them to other labs and will continue to do so.

Mario Cervantes, MD

Medical Director, Northside Pathology Group, Houston, TX

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Email: info@webpathlab.com

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  • Anatomic Pathology
  • GYN Cytology
  • HL7 Engine
  • Management Reports
  • Auto Image Uploader
  • Remote Print
  • GU Auto Organ Map
  • Specimen Tracking
  • TC/PC
  • Molecular

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