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GU Auto Organ Map


The objective of WebPathLab’s Auto Organ Map is to quickly and accurately generate a comprehensive pathology report without the need to manually enter data for each specimen which is time consuming and error prone. By simply selecting the predetermined number of quadrants in the prostate, the system autopopulates the specimen description to each corresponding quadrant, and autofills the text for the Gross Description field leaving only the dimension of each core to be entered by the grosser. The pathologist simply clicks on a radio button selecting the diagnosis for each quadrant and the organ map is automatically generated with the corresponding icon in each quadrant. If the malignant radio button is selected, 3 additional fields appear on the page so the user can enter the coverage percentage and the gleason scores.

Click on the image above to view a short video on how to generate a GU Pathology Report using WebPathLab’s Auto Prostate Map. This module can be configured to the requirements of each customer.

Diagnosis and Organ Map Generator

In the transcription page, the user selects the appropriate radio button to auto populate the diagnosis. In the image to the left, when Malignancy is selected, the fields to enter the coverage and the scores appear instantly below.  As the values are entered, they appear in the diagnosis section in the red font.

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