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Take a Tour

Take a tour of our system by watching the following short videos.  Feel free to contact us to schedule an online demo followed by access to our demo site so you can “Test Drive” it at your convenience. We only ask that you contact us with any questions or comments as the demo site has a generic format and is not configured to your business rules.

Online Report Viewer

See how the referring clinicians can easily and securely access all their pathology reports, perform both simple and complex searches and download reports.

Dual View Sign Out 

Shows the step by step taken by the pathologist as they review and finalize a case in the Anatomical Pathology module

Quick Accession

Manually create a quick accession in under 60 seconds.  This step is not required when using Online Requisition or an HL7 interface. 

Auto Prostate Map

Quickly process a prostate review by autogenerating the Organ Map and the diagnosis based on selecting and entering few items of data. The objective is to improve efficiency and speed in entering histology information for each case and quickly and automatically build the organ map and generate the diagnosis. 

Rapid Code

Fill in multiple fields by selecting only one code. WebPathLab’s Rapid Code allows the user to select the canned text for Diagnosis, Microscopic Findings and Comments.