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Modular Solutions

WebPathLab’s solutions offer an outstanding modular design

WebPathLab is a web-based modular solution that allows you to only purchase the modules that you need, maximizing your investment.  As your business demands and capabilities grow, you can seamlessly integrate additional modules. Below is a list of our modules.  For more information click on the header or image of each module.  

Anatomic Pathology

WebPathLab is a 100% web-based comprehensive laboratory information system (LIS) solution accessible from any location with internet access with proper authentication.

GYN Cytology

Our GYN module has been designed to quickly process GYN cytology cases using our Rapid Code Generator.  Enter one code and multiple fields autopopulate.  This module can be seamlessly integrated with the Molecular module to order HPV and other testing.

Online Report Viewer

As soon as the report is finalized, it is available to the referring physician and the referring facility administrator on our On-line Report Viewer. The user can search, print, download and archive the reports.

HL7 Engine and Interfaces

Conventional HL7 interfaces sends a stream of information that is only text.  With WebPathLab’s Secure PDFand HL7 Engines, your referring clinicians will have the option to see the actual PDF report as generated by WebPathLab

GU Auto Map Generator

Automation is key to improved efficiency and minimization of human errors.  Generate morphological diagnosis and automatically build GU organ maps based on limited data entry.

Online Requisition

WebPathLab’s Online Requisition allows for secured online ordering at a fraction of the cost compared to an HL7 interface. If the referring physician has no HL7 ordering capability but wants an online ordering and reporting system, WebPathLab’s Online ordering provides the solution

Management Reports

WebPathLab provides performance, and analyses reports that will help your lab improve its efficiency and volume of cases per customer. Reports can be customized to your needs

Specimen Tracking

Track the location and time of each specimen at each station as it flows through your internal process. This module allows you to locate specimens as well as optimize the efficiency of your staff and improve your internal flow,


You can now order esoteric testing which will be electronically sent to either an external lab or a local device for processing.  The results will be received electronically and automatically integrated into the pathology report.

Auto Image Uploader (AIU)

WebPathLab’s AIU device is a plug and play device that is connected to your network and automatically will upload scanned documents and photomicrographs to the server and attach them to the respective case eliminating human error and vastly increasing productivity.

Remote Print

With WebPathLab’s remote print module, upon sign out, the report is delivered to a color printer at your cusotmer’s location via a secured connection.


Designed specifically to address the lab that hires community pathologist to remotely diagnose cases. Once the histology has been completed, the pathologist will have access to the case to read the slides and finalize the report.

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  • Anatomic Pathology
  • GYN Cytology
  • HL7 Engine
  • Management Reports
  • Auto Image Uploader
  • Remote Print
  • GU Auto Organ Map
  • Specimen Tracking
  • TC/PC
  • Molecular

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