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The TC/PC module’s objective is to separate the access and work of the Technical Component from the Professional Component. There are many reasons that require this separation but the most common is when the slides are prepared at an independent histology lab and they are read by a community pathologist. The pathology report can have either the name of the histology lab, the name of the pathologist, or both in the header of the report.

How it Works

Technical Component

The histology lab receives the specimens, enters them into WebPathlab, and assigns the proper prefix and case type. Based on this information, the header and layout of the pathology report is selected.

The histology lab enters all the patient demographics into the system including the scanning of paper requisitions and gross images. It conducts the grossing, and enters all the information into the system. The cassettes are filled and processed, and then the slides are prepared. Once the slides are ready and they are shipped to the pathologist, the case is marked as “Technical component complete.” Once this has all been completed, the case will be available for the pathologist to review in the system upon receipt of the slides.

Professional Component

The pathologist logs into the WebPathlab system and see all the cases in their queue that have the completed technical component. They will have read-only access to all the information uploaded and generated by the histology lab for each case.

The pathologist reads the slides and enters the results into the system. They can also upload photomicrographs and order additional testing if required. The order can be sent out – via an HL7 interface to a reference lab – or it can be performed by the histology lab if they have the capability. Once the case is finalized, it gets distributed to the referring clinicians via the online viewer, HL7 interfaces, Auto Fax, and Remote Print.

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