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Auto Image Uploader


Eliminate errors caused by manual data entry

Greatly reduce scanning time and improve efficiency

Automatically attach images and documents  to the corresponding case

By using the FileUploader feature, WebPathLab has the ability to attach images and documents to any case.  The user can select whether the uploaded information will be on the pathology report, such as photomicrographs and results from a reference lab, or saved in the database as a reference document such as hospital face sheets and paper requisitions. This process can be manual or optimized by using the Auto Image Uploader (AIU).

How it Works

Once the case is accessioned, the user prints bar coded labels for the container, slides and paper documents from WebPathLab.

Paper Documents

Place a label, for example, on the upper tight hand corner of the document like a paper requisition.  The value of the bar code corresponds to the accession number of the case. The user places all the documents in the feeder of a scanning device.  The device scans every document and using its own software will save each document using the value of the bar code. These images are saved in a folder accessible by the AIU.  On a set schedule (every 5 minutes) the AIU scans the folder and uploads all the files to the server and automatically attaches each image to the corresponding case


The pathologist scans the slide label with the 2d barcode and then takes a picture with the microscope camera.  The imaging device saves that image with the value of the bar code in a folder accessible by the AIU. Just as with the paper documents, the AIU scans the folder, and uploads all the images to the server and attaches them to each corresponding case.

Gross Images

The grosser scans the label on the paper work, and snaps a picture of the specimen.  In the same manner, that image will be uploaded to the server and attached to the case.  The user can decide whether to include it in the pathology report or not.