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Cost and Benefits

Cost and benefits of using JIT Labs and WebPathLab

Getting Started

After you sign up with WebPathLab, Inc., you will be asked to provide your logo, address and any other information specific to your corporate identity and CLIA identification. WebPathLab will integrate that information into your configured pathology report format of the JIT Labs LIS system. 


  • One time $1,000 set up fee to integrate you into the WebPathLab system and to set up two report formats (one surgical and one non-gyn cytology or other).
  • Usage fee of $1/report – pay only once the report is signed out
  • $199/month for server co-location, maintenance, and hardware upgrades at HIPAA compliant data center.
  • Free software updates and technical support


  • Focus on pathology, not on staffing issues, payroll, or software
  • High quality slides and services
  • One stop shop – All your technical component needs are taken care of
  • Free updates – Never pay for a software update.
  • Free Tech support – Technical support and software updates included with report usage fee.
  • Universal points of entry – Access the system from multiple locations.
  • Scalable – Add users in seconds regardless of their physical location. No extra fee for additional users.
  • Secure – WebPathLab has the same security as most online banking solutions.
  • Interface with several billing services (additional costs may apply).