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We are your IT Team

Your IT Team works day and night

No need to pay for a full time IT staff to manage your LIS or wait until an external LIS manager arrives at your lab to maintain the LIS.

WebPathLab’s support team can access your solution at any time to make any corrections or address maintenance issues.  WebPathLab has a support team that works during the day and one that works during the night in order to provide overnight support so your solution is ready in the morning.  You can use email us at support@webpathlab.com, call us, text us or use the internal support application called Ticket2i.


Tickets entered by laboratory users

WebPathLab also has a unique feature called Ticket2i  where users can open tickets inside their application.  The ticket will be address by a member of the support team and posted to the website where all other users can have access to it in the event they encounter the same issue in the future.  Ticket2i is unique to each installation so that  issues related to your internal processes are available only to your staff.  Ticket2i works as a costumed knowledge database around your system configuration and preferences.  The image on the right shows Ticket2i’s main page where the user can search for a topic or submit a new question.

[one-half]The image on the left shows the reply from the support staff which includes images detailing the exact procedure to resolve the issue.[/one-half]