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Your IT Team works day and night

No need to pay for a full time IT staff to manage your LIS or wait until an external LIS manager arrives at your lab to maintain the LIS.

WebPathLab’s support team can access your solution at any time to make any corrections or address maintenance issues.  WebPathLab has a support team that works during the day and one that works during the night in order to provide emergency overnight support so your solution is ready as soon as possible. 

  • Standard technical support. Simply email us at support@webpathlab.com and a ticket will be opened and addressed within 24 hours of receipt. To make the process even faster, under the “Help” menu click on Ticket2i and you will be able to enter the information yourself and as soon as it is  submitted, it will be assigned to a developer.  As soon as the issue is resolved, you will be notified.
  • Emergency Support. WebPathLab will provide the Customer with a telephone number to be used in the event on an emergency 24 hours a day. A WebPathLab staff will either answer the phone or return the call within one (1) hour, typically as soon as possible. WebPathlab staff will work on resolving the issue as soon as possible.


WebPathLab has a feature called Ticket2i  where users can open tickets inside their application.  The system will auto-populate the user’s name, email and information as  entered into the User Manager of the system, speeding up the process in ticket creation. Once submitted the ticket will be added to our Technical Support solution and every member will be notified that there is a new request available. Within minutes it will be assigned to a developer who will work on it.  As soon as it has been solved, the user will receive an email. In certain cases, a phone call may follow. Of course, the user can always pick up the phone and call us at any time. 

The image on the right shows Ticket2i’s page where the user can open the ticket. 

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Phone: 916.542.1368

FAX: 866.875.3915

Email: info@webpathlab.com

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  • Anatomic Pathology
  • GYN Cytology
  • HL7 Engine
  • Management Reports
  • Auto Image Uploader
  • Remote Print
  • GU Auto Organ Map
  • Specimen Tracking
  • TC/PC
  • Molecular

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101 Parkshore Dr
Folsom, CA 95630

Phone: 916.542.1368

Fax: 866.875.3915

Email: info@webpathlab.com

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