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What do you need?

With only a microscope, computer, and desk you can open your own laboratory.
Perfectly suited for hospital based and community pathologists who are starting an out-patient practice

How does it work?

WebPathLab partners with JIT Labs to offer you the unique opportunity to act as a full service laboratory without having to invest thousands of dollars in equipment, hire staff, or rent compliant facilities.

1. JIT Labs will:

  • Pick up and process specimens
  • Accession and transcribe clinical and demographic patient information into WebPathLab (the LIS).
  • Gross specimens as indicated
  • Scan, upload, and attach all paper requisitions and/or hospital face sheets.
  • Prepare H&E, Special Stains and IHC slides.
  • Scan, upload, and attach all paper requisitions and/or hospital face sheets.
  • Slides are typically delivered the next day.

For information contact Mrs. Tammy Schwalb at 949.697.2763, email tammy@jit-labs.com, or go to jit-labs.com

2. Log into WebPathLab and:

  • Accessioned cases are available immediately on your work list
  • Once the slides are delivered, the case will be immediately available to you in WebPathLab.
  • Enter diagnosis, upload photo micrographs, and finalize the report with ease.
  • You will also be able to order special stains, IHC, from JIT Labs using the WebPathLab portal.
  • Outside third party reports can be attached to the pathology report.

For information contact us at 916.542.1386, email info@webpathlab.com or go to webpathlab.com

3. Deliver quality reports:

Once the report is finalized, it will be delivered to the referring physician via:

  • Auto Fax
  • Remote Print
  • Online with a web viewer
  • HL7 interface (additional costs apply)

All you reports will remain available to you and all your clients within the system.

For more information on Cost and Benefits go to WebPathLab.com

Watch demo videos of our LIS system

Watch how you would finalized reports. You can use Dragon, canned text to auto populate fields or an offsite transcriptionist

This is how your customers would access the reports online either on a desktop or a mobile tablet

Check us out on CAP TODAY’s February 2018 Issue , under the Anatomic Pathology Computer System Survey, or on page 46 of the printed edition.