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Online Ordering


WebPathLab’s on-line requisition allows the referring clinician to not only easily submit an order, but also the ability to track and data-mine all requisition information.  The on-line requisition accesses the patient’s database so that in the event of having a returned patient, the system can autopopulate the patient’s demographics. This is not only a time saver but also reduces manual entry errors. The online requisition works with our Specimen Tracking system.

We can also customize the “Clinical Information Section” to match the all the tests that you offer.

Once the order form has been submmitted, a shipping form and barcode labels are generated and printed to be shipped with the specimen.  When the specimen(s) arrives at your lab, the information is already in the system.  Your staff only needs to use the bar code reader to log the specimen as recieved and start the process.