Pay only $1 per report.

WebPathLab offers a PAY-PER-REPORT fee schedule for small volume and start up labs. The installation fee is $2,999 (for the Anatomic Pathology and Report Viewer modules only) and then you only pay $1 per report (that includes the same accession number even if the report is addended with special stains results). As the number of reports grow, the customer has the option to upgrade to the Licensing fee schedule which has an unlimited number of reports for a flat fee per pathologist.

The PAY-PER-REPORT fee schedule includes a monthly fee for server co-location at a HIPAA compliant data center, server maintenance, hardware upgrades, software technical support, and free updates of the solution.

If you require a histology lab to prepare your slides, we will be happy to refer you to an independent lab that already use WebPathLab, or we can work with one that we can interface with. You negotiate directly with them for a nominal fee per slide.

For more information on our pricing sturcture, please contact us at info@webpathlab.com or call us toll free at 855.210.4012