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Pay only $1 per report with WebPathLab’s PAY-PER-REPORT fee schedule

WebPathLab offers a PAY-PER-REPORT fee schedule initially designed for small volume and start up labs.

  • The installation fee is $4,999 (for the AP and Report Viewer modules only)
  • Monthly software usage is $1 per report which includes free technical support and free upgrades so you are always up-to-date

As the number of reports grow, the customer has the option to upgrade to the Licensing fee schedule which has an unlimited number of reports for a flat fee per pathologist.

The PAY-PER-REPORT fee schedule also includes a monthly fee for server co-location at a HIPAA compliant data center, server maintenance, hardware upgrades, software technical support, and free updates of the solution.

For more information on our pricing sturcture, please contact us at info@webpathlab.com or call us toll free at 855.210.4012

Phone: 916.542.1368

FAX: 866.875.3915

Email: info@webpathlab.com

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  • Anatomic Pathology
  • GYN Cytology
  • HL7 Engine
  • Management Reports
  • Auto Image Uploader
  • Remote Print
  • GU Auto Organ Map
  • Specimen Tracking
  • TC/PC
  • Molecular

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